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Frankenstein Glitter Shock Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure Only 1,200 Pieces Worldwide Video Review

edge Frankenstein-Glitter-Shock-Hikari-Sofubi-Vinyl-Figure-800x500_c
Funko has released a cool looking Frankenstein Glitter Shock Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure, and we have a little video “unboxing” review for you guys to check it out. Read More...

Funko Masters of the Universe Havoc Skeletor Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure Limited To 2,000 Pieces [Video Review]

edge Funko-Havoc-Skeletor-Hikari-Sofubi-Figure-Masters-of-the-Universe
Check out this sold out rare Funko Masters of the Universe Havoc Skeletor Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure. Also Make sure to view the hands on video review of this cool looking Funko vinyl figure.

Transformers Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Clear Glitter Hikari Figure Limited to Only 3,000 - Hands On Video

edge Transformers-Clear-Glitter-Hikari-Sofubi-Vinyl-Figures-01
Come check out these Classic Autobot’s that are as shiny and glittery as ever! Here at ToyExclusives we have a nice hands on video review of the new sold out Funko Transformers Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Clear Glitter Hikari Figures, which are limited to Only 3,000 pieces each world wide.

Funko Announces Transformers Grey Skull Optimus Prime Hikari Vinyl Figure Limited To Only 1,000

edge Transformers Grey Skull Optimus Prime Hikari Vinyl Figure

Hikari Friday is here again and Funko has a great giveaway as always. Come check out these two awesome Hikari Sofubi Figures, the Grey Skull Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee Hikari Sofubi Figures and find out where you can get yours. Who knows, you might even win a free one from Funko!

USA Today Announces Two My Little Pony SDCC 2014 Exclusives Today [Pictures]

edge my little pony comiccon sdcc

USA Today has announced two 2014 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) My Little Pony exclusive toys today. So if you are into Hasbro’s awesome My Little Pony SDCC Exclusive toy line, this will be a must have this year! Come check out pictures and prices.


What Is BotCon's 2014 Transformers Timelines: Pirates VS Knights Box Toy Set Exclusive going to be in Pasadena CA?

edge Transformers Timelines Pirates VS Knights Box Set Charters TBA - Registration Begins Soon botcon exclusives

This year at BotCon’s 2014 Transformers toy convention in Pasadena California will be a big one for Transformer fans. BotCon will be celebrating Transformers 30th anniversary, by including an interesting collectors toy exclusive transformer set that is slowly being revealed by BotCon’s staff. Lets check out the details to the limited toy exclusive run of the 2014 BotCon Transformer set. Let us know what you think in our forums.


Big news released about the long awaited Transformers Universe Video Game

edge transformers-universe-beta-screenshot

Jagex CEO and CTO Mark Gerhard, who are behind the team that is developing "Transformers Universe", announced some big news about the long awaited transformers game.



edge comicon comic-con-2014-international-san diego-show-registration-tickets-info

Looks like the wait is almost over to purchase your 2014 San Diego Comic-Con tickets! Saturday, February 8 will be the big day.

Check out the email I received today down past the picture. Also let us know in our
forum if you are going to go this year and if you have received the email, click on the read more tab to see the email.

Transformers Generations Takara Tomy TG-31 Rhinox & TG-30 Waspinator Official Images


Takara-Tomy has uploaded official images of the new Transformers Generations TG-31 Rhinox and the new TG-30 Waspinator figures. Come check out the new Transformer figures and compare them to Hasbro’s USA versions, tell us what you think!

When and where is WonderCon 2014?

edge wondercon-convention-picture

The 2014 WonderCon convention in Anaheim will be here before you know it! Many people will start wondering when the convention starts, how much the tickets will be, who will be there, and what toy exclusives will be available. Read more here to find out!


New Transformers VS GI Joe - Kre-o stop motion video "Carnival Face Off"

Check out this fun mini episode from KRE-O’s official YouTube channel.

With new Kre-O sets and blind-bagged figures dropping at Toys R Us stores across the nation, the guys over at Hunter PR have taken the opportunity to passed celebrate with a new stop motion GI Joe VS Transformers video.

The Kreon video is named ”Think Like a KREON”, which is a cool little stop motion video series that faces the GI JOES against the TRANSFORMERS!

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Transformers 4 Leaked Toy Listings From Hasbro.com's Website Uncovered

edge tf4-transformers-hasbro-secret-listings-toy-names

It seems as if a couple of guys over at tfw2005, have found that Hasbro has gotten ahead of themselves while updating their websites and made the mistake of listing a ton of previously unannounced toy figure names. Click on the read more below to see the list of leaked figure names.